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Fantasy Pumpkins

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns & Stencils

Carving the Death Star Tutorial
Pumpkins from the year...
2018 Check out our carvings below as we post them. They will be on display at the address below during Halloween. You can also follow my in-process carvings on Instagram - @noeldickover, or twitter -@noeldickover (with other posts), or my Facebook Carving Directory. MIstique cut 400
2017 Lots of game of thrones, disney, star wars, monters
2016 Access our 2016 pumpkin carvings
2015 Access our 2015 pumpkin carvings
2014 Access our 2014 pumpkin carvings
2013 Access our 2013 Pumpkin Carving Pinterest Page r. BBC Interview. CBS Interview.
2012 Access our 2012 Carving Pinterest Page. Check out the 2012 Pattern directory for new patterns including Angry Bat Bird and the Troll Face meme.
2011 Access our Pinterest Page for 2011 carvings. Also access the 2011 Patterns Directory.
2010 R2D2, lots of dragons, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Millenium Falcon, Spiderman, Pinhead, Miyazaki pumpkins, Monsters of all stripes, & cartoon characters {Pinterest Page}

A 360 degree Where the WIld Things Are, Forest Walk Dragon, Egg from Alien, Jack Skellington, Catwoman, Coraline, WoW Orc, Spiderman, Tinkerbell & Croc, Cat in the Hat, Enterprise, Deathstar, and many more! {Pinterest Page}

2008 Mickey vs Chernabog, 186lb Death Star, Brisingr, Wall-E & Eve, Iron Giant, Fobidden Planet, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Harry Plopper, Indian Jones, and many more! {Pinterest Page}
2007 Maleficent Dragon, Death Star, Aracnoid, Sleeping Beauty, Diablo II, Royo's Evolution, and many more!


Full-scale dragon, the Death Star, Pirates of the Caribbean, Where the Wild Things Are, Maleficent, Cars, Batman, Little Mermaid, Eragon, and many more!
2005 Ash (Evill Dead), Eragon, Batman, Evil Cheshire Cat, Corpse Bride, Lady and the Tramp, and many more!
2004 Unicorn, Pegasus, Nosferatu, Vamp Masquerade, Casper, Sponge Bob, Patrick, Bruce the Shark, (Rain)
2003 East and West (Draco) Dragons, Finding Nemo pumpkins (Nemo, Dori, Bruce), Scooby




Improved Witch House, Mike, Scooby, Sponge Bob, Darth Maul, Uncle Sam, Scooby, Sylvester and Tweedy, Devil, Pooh, Tigger


Pumpkins on Display This year 2018 so far...(Halloween Eve in the DC area - Centreville, Virginia)

14223 Hartwood Court, Centreville, VA - stop by during or right after trick or treating (7pm-9:30pm)
Larger carvings are done the last weekend


Star Wars jump to light speed

Jump to Light Speed, Star Wars - Noel



Predator Warrior in the Jungle - Noel


Maleficent transforms to dragon

Maleficent Transforming to her Dragon Self - Noel


Venom - Noel

MIckey Sorcerer

Mickey Sorcerer in the Whirlpool - Noel



Zombie Sculpt - Noel



Walking Dead Zombie

Walking Dead Zombie - Noel



Mystique from the X-Men - Noel



Werewolf- Noel



Fairy - Noel


Capitols Championship

Washington Capitals Ovechkin Championship Ring - Noel


Washington Capitals championship

Washington Capitals Championship - Steve and Brian



Game of Thrones Sigils
Game of Thrones Sigils


Game of Thrones Stark Sigil
Game of Thrones Stark Sigil - Noel


Game of Thrones Lannister Sigil

Game of Thrones Lannister Sigil - Noel

Game of Thrones Baratheon Sigil - James

Game of Thrones Baratheon Sigil - James


Game of Thrones Targaryen

Game of Thrones Targaryen Sigil - Brian



Thanos - Brian


Dr Strange

Dr. Strange - Steve



Deadpool - Justin


Sarah in pumpkin

Sarah in a pumpkin - Nam


Increcibles - Nam


lee min ho

Lee Min Ho (Korean Pop Star) - Nam



Smallfoot - Nam


Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry - Nam




Witch - Nam


Witch's Familiar

Cat, Witch's Familiar - Nam



Bat - Nam


stranger things

Demogorgon - Stranger Things - Deb


Stranger Things Mind Flayer

Mind Flayer - Stranger Things - Deb


Bob the blob monsters versus aliens\

Bob the Blob - Monsters vs Aliens - Rasha



Quetzal - Kara


Lannister Lion - Ryan

ram of evil

Ram of Evil - Aaron



Michael from Halloween - David



Elmo - Nam


Some of the Pumpkins on Display Last year 2017

Access our Best Carvings from Past Halloweens at the bottom of the page

Wall viserion game of thrones
Viserion at the Wall, Game of Thrones- Noel

Drogon dracarys, Game of Thrones- Noel

night king game of thrones
Night King, Game of Thrones - Noel

beauty and the beast
Beauty and the Beast - Noel

Beauty and teh Beast

Glass Rose in Beauty and the Beast - Noel


Sleeping Beauty Witch
Sleeping Beauty Witch with Applet - Noel

Baby Groot - NoelG


Sara Dickover bear grimm

Sarah Dickover's Wolf reading Grimm drawing - Nam


snow white
Snow White - Nam


Grumpy from Snow White - Nam



Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon - Nam




Tigger - Joan and Nam


Cyclops- Joe



Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - Deb




Transformers - Stevee


Koi - James



Gandalf - Kara


These pumpkins are on display in Marietta GA, carved by long-time Fantasy Pumpkins folk

Monster Keyhole
Keyhole Monster - Justin



Patrick from Sponge Bob - Justin


Moana - Jackie


wonder woman
Wonder Woman - Jackie


Deathstar - Jackie


Star Wars
Rogue One - Jackie


Fire Bending - Brian

Fantasy Pumpkins in the News - 2010

  • In 2010, Sara Kenigsberg from News Channel 8 (ABC) did the segment you see above.
  • Fox 5 DC Morning Show 2008: Holly Morris did her 1st live morning visit with me and my family. This is also in the videos page.
  • Centreview Newspaper articles from Bonnie Hobbs- 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 (#2)
  • Fairfax Times, 2010, but Holly Hobbs
  • Mason Spirit (George Mason), 2010, by Jason Jacks
  • Gizmodo, 2010
  • Craftzine, 2010

Fantasy Pumpkins Location

 If you live in the Washington DC area, and want to see the "big show" in person, you can see the pumpkins every Halloween in Centreville, Virginia at:

14223 Hartwood Court, Centreville VA, 20121

Contact Me: send an email to ndickover(at) and reference this website.


Carving the Death Star Tutorial Now Online!

I've carved 4 Death Star pumpkins now, the largest was on a 186 pound pumpkin.  This was a 360 degree carving, but more impressive is the TONS of Death Star carvings people have been sending.  Check out the Death Star Tutorial pag

Learning to Do This Yourself: If you want to learn how to carve like this, its really easy, but does require some patience. Check out the Tutorials and Links page to find out how.e for some examples.

Fantasy Pumpkin Carving Hall of Fame

Favorite carvings from previous Halloween shows


Hulk's Hand

Emerging Hand (Sculpt - 2015)

Zombie Awakening

Walking Dead - Zombie Awakening (2012)

Pinhead (2010)

Tron (2012)


Mickey versus Chernabog (2008)

Ancient of Lore - Hearthstone (Justin - 2015)


Castle in the Sky
Castle in the Sky (Sarah 2013)


Grouch Sesame street
Grouch - Sesame Street (Nam 2015)



Smaug versus Bilbo (2014)


Dragon and Castle
Dragon and Castle (2010)


Anne Stoke's Dragon Flower (2013)

Game of Thornes
Dracarys - Game of Thrones (2015)

Dragon Fury
Anne Stokes' Dragon Fury (2011)

Forest Walk
Anne Stokes' Forest Walk Dragon (2009)

Cireulo's Dark Dsurian (2006)

Ciruelo's Draco (2004). My pattern for this has been carved hundreds of times.


Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent Dragon
Now Shall You Deal With Me! (2007)


Skyrim Dragon
Skyrim Dragons (2016)

Medusa (2011)


Anne Stokes' Aracnoid (2007)

Bron's Diablo
Bron's Diablo II (2007)

Catwoman (2009)

MC Escher
MC Escher - Lizards (2011)

Star Wars

Deathstar Sarah
Death Star (2009)


R2D2 (2010)

Star Wars Battle
Star Wars Battle Scene (2012)


Star Destroyer
Star Destroyer (2015)

Star Wars X-wing
X-Wing in the clouds (2016)

Vader (Sculpt - 2007)

My first Deathstar Carving (2006). This photo is all over the internet.

Tangled Rapunzel (2011)


Elsa, Frozen (2014)

Marshmellow, Frozen (2014)


Jack Skellington (2009)
Jack Skellington (2009)


Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

Anger, Inside Out (2015)

Ursula (2016)

Groot sculpt (2014)

Autumn Red
Autumn Red Fairy (2008)


You Shall Not Pass! (2014)

Anne Stoke's' Mermaid in Cave (2013)

First Breath
Wyland's First Breath (2005)


SuperNova Ska Festival day time In-Process carving (2016)


Gozilla versus tokyo
Godzilla versus Tokyo (2016)


Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet (2011)


Star Trek Enterprise (2009)


Locutus of borg
Locutus of Borg (2010)


Alien (Sculpt - 2012)


Alien Movie

Alien from the Movie (Sculpt 2012)

Alien Face Hugger Egg (2009)



Predator Ship (2013)

Alien versus predator
Alien versus Predator (2014)


Evil Cheshire Cat (2005)