Noel's 2010 pumpkins

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2010 was a great year. We had news station interviews from both Fox 5 DC and News Channel 8, conducted 5 newspaper articles, and many many visitors.  In total we reached a new plateau of 45 carved pumpkins (with lots of complicated carves) and 18 new sharable patterns.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns: I made patterns for many (but not all) of the pumpkins I carved.  For those other than Disney Patterns, I have posted them below with the picture.  Feel free to use these for your pumpkin carving.  As long as you aren't using them for mass production, I have no problem with you using the pattern to sell the pumpkins.  But if you do use the patterns to sell pumpkins on Ebay or another website, please give me credit for the pattern, along with a link here. Because Disney sues people who put their pumpkin patterns online, I can't post the Disney patterns I created here.

To bring up the large pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.


Dragon and Castle

One of my favorite pumpkin carves ever, I did this freehand. I just followed the contours of a very round 80lb+ pumpkin.  Because of the roundness, I need multiple pictures to show the whole thing.


Star Wars: R2D2, the Millennium Falcon & Darth Vader

I saw this pumpkin and "knew" I needed to make it into R2D2. R2D2 had over 10,000 links on the internet 2 days after carving it. Andy Carvin from NPR picked up from my twitter streem, and then Gizmodo and quickly followed.

I used parts of a dying pumpkin to make the scopes and external legs w/ carved sockets that went inside R2 - this allowed the light from the candle to go through the leg pieces. I used modeling clay to attach the scopes to R2.

The Millennium Falcon was like the real one in that I kept saying, "Common baby, hold together!" I scraped too much from the top, so I had to use toothpicks to keep parts of it propped up. You can see my model I used as a starting point.

My son, Justin carved Darth Vader.




My nephew, Joseph did a terrific carve of an 80 pound pumpkin of the large Banshee, Torukmakto.  This was one of the big hits of the year.




Here's my attempt at Neytiri.




Hada Luminosa Fairy

I found a photo on a spanish language site titled "Hada Luminosa", but never found the actual artist. This sexy fairy wen't over well.





Star Trek: The Borg Ship and Locutus of Borg

I've looked for a square pumpkin for many years now - I found as close as I'm likely to get. This my attempt at the Borg Cube. I used green LEDs that I stuck on the inside of the pumpkin using modeling clay.

Locutus of Borg was almost a complete freehand. I did have a small movie picture to start with but never made a pattern out of it.


Hellraiser's Pinhead

My sculpting of Hellraiser's Pinhead turned out great.  I used lightbrite like things to mimic the nails. These picked up the internal light source wonderfully!


How to Train Your Dragon

The movie poster of where Hiccup meets toothless made a great source for pattern making.  I love how the top of Toothless's head came out.



My daughter, Sarah, did a terrific job with the Green Terror dragon.




Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp is always a hit.  Mad Hatter went over well.



Nam did Seaco's Queen of Hearts and While Rabbit patterns, and my son Justin did the Cheshire Cat cut-though.


Comic Book Characters


My nephew Joseph did a great carve of Ski-matic's Spiderman pattern.  This was his second year doing a tough spidey.

Iron Man

I forgot to take a picture, but took this from my Fox News Display.

Black Knight

Nam did a nice cut-though of the Black Knight.


Heroes of Newerth (HON)


My son, Justin, really likes the online game, Heroes of Newerth. His Maliken carving prompted the site owners to create a Newerth pumpkin carving contest, which Justin easily won.




The Sandwraith was Justin's second carving from Newerth.  This was a messy picture, so take some liberties with changing the pumpkin carve if you use this pattern.



Hand of Soul Stealer

Apparently the Newerth character, Soul Stealer has a fairly gross but powerful hand. This was Justin's best carve so far, I think.




Hayao Miyazaki Pumpkins


My daughter Sarah is really into Miyazaki animes.  Her favorite movie's main character, Naausica, is displayed here. This is definitely her best carve so far.




My sister-in-law, Teresa, did her first three color pumpkin carve in doing Ponyo.






Sarah made a nice carve of Totoro.




The Monsters

Anne Stokes's Drider

One of my all-time favorite fantasy artists, Anne Stokes, pained a terrific Drider for the Dungeons and Dragons game I added small hairs to the legs to add to the creepy factor.



Flying Eye

I carved a pretty cool Flying Eye. This worked pretty well on a small pumpkin.


Using a halloween mask as a model, my Nephew, Joseph sculpted a really cool Scream pumpkin.


My son, Justin did a great job carving Brad's Banshee pattern.


Nam carved a witch that turned out pretty good.


My Nephew, James, carved a really cool cutrhough werewolf.  I like the stars add around the outside.


The Kids Area

Despicable Me Minions

Nam carved the Despicable Me minions.  This pumpkin made life difficult, but still came out OK.



Cute Dragon

My daughter, Sarah carved a really nice cute dragon carve based on an image we found online (haven't identified the artist yet).



Castle Crashers (X-box Game)

My son, Justin did a pretty good job on my Castle Crashers pattern. The carving looks scewed more due to the roundness of the pumpkin affecting the picture. .



Kang and Kodos

Nam and Sarah both worked to carve the Simpson's Kang and Kodos. 


Powerpuff Girls

My nephew, James, did a great job carving the Powerpuff Girls

Pooh Pirate

Nam carved a very well received Pooh Pirate.


My sister-in-law, Teresa, carved a Bowser cut-through


Justin carved this just using a picture he found on the internet.  So no pattern making necessary!

Patrick, McCrabs & Squidward

Patrick turned out great, as did my nephew James' McCrabs. I forgot to take a picture of Squidward, but captured a cropped shot from my display picture for Fox News.


Toy Story

I used Buzz Lightyear as my warm-up carve. My nephew, Tom, carved Woody for his first pumpkin ever.  My nephew, James carved Hamm.


Outdoor Display for News Interviews

I put up a display in my garage for Fox News a few days before Halloween. This ended up being a great way to capture all my carves up until this point.


Creative Commons License Pumpkin carving patterns by Noel Dickover is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.