Fantasy Pumpkins Pinterest Page 2013

My regular pages do not allow you to "pin" the larger images since I link thumbnails directly to jpgs. This made sense in 2000, but I guess not so much now. Use this page to pin photos.

Noel's Carvings | Sarah's Carvings | Justin's Carvings | Joseph's Carvings | Nam's Carvings | Jun | Other Carvers

Noel's Carvings


Anne Stokes' Siren's Lament





Jaeger - Pacific Rim


Flying Saucer w/Predador


Flying Saucer - Side


Flying Saucer - Rear


Walking Dead



Anne Stokes' Dragon Beauty


Oz Monkey (Frank) and China Girl


Witch from Oz the Great and Powerful




Dragon Escaping a Crystal Ball




Shark Sighting




Tron Cycle


Full Moon Wolf



Angry Birds Scene



Sarah's Carvings


Eren Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan


Castle in the Sky




Cracked Skull (Sarah)




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Justin's Carvings


Sorcerer's Crystal Bal


Coyote Grill (Justin)



Sponge Bob

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Joseph's Carvings


Clipper Ship


Demon Jar


Dragon Cut Through


Spartan Helmet



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Nam's Carvings

Angry Birds Space (Justin and Nam)

Mr. Crabs (Agnes, Tom and Nam)


Baby Mickey and Goofy (Nam and Teresa)


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Jun's Carvings

Dire Tide (Jun)


Dr. Doom (Jun)


Ironman (Jun)


Mario (Jun)


Ash from Pokemon (Jun)


Superman (Jun)


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Other Carvers


Maleficent (Selva)


Ariel (Santiago)


Daft Punk (Tom)


Mojojojo (Sophia and Hye)


Gary from Spongebob (Mina and David)


Graveyard (Debbie)


Mummy (Steve)



Tweety (Agnes)



Smurfette (Teresa)



Jack Jack (Jackie)


Virginia Tech (Jackie)



Boo (James)


Pooh (Lisa)


Dori (Yean)





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