Noel's 2008 pumpkins

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Another year in the news: The Washington DC Fox 5 Morning show stumbled upon my carvings, and did a live segment from my Kitchen. The whole family got into the act, and generally it was big fun - although we stayed awake till like 3:30 am cleaning and carving in preparation for this, and woke up at 4:45 am to get ready for their arrival - so we were basically walking zombies during the segment.  The local paper did an article for the third year in a row on my pumpkins titled, Pumpkin Carver Extraordinaire. And better yet, Bonnie Hobbs, the most awesome reporter from the Centreview, finally got to make it out to see the big night.  And with both the morning news segment and the newspaper article, the crowds were insane.  For the peak 90 minute time period we basically had about a constant 40 - 70 people in the yard.  It was so crowded that I actually had trouble finding my wife at one point when a work associate of hers showed up!  The top favorites, aside from Sponge Bob and the Death Star of course, were the Fantasia pumpkin (my favorite as well), Wall-E and Eve, The Joker and the Autumn Red fairy.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns: I made patterns for many (but not all) of the pumpkins I carved.  For those other than Disney Patterns, I have posted them below with the picture.  Feel free to use these for your pumpkin carving.  As long as you aren't using them for mass production, I have no problem with you using the pattern to sell the pumpkins.  But if you do use the patterns to sell pumpkins on Ebay or another website, please give me credit for the pattern, along with a link here. Because Disney sues people who put their pumpkin patterns online, I can't post the Disney patterns I created here.

To bring up the large pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.



Mickey vs Chernabog

I actually made this pumpkin pattern from looking at a coffee cup (see to the right).  After many haphazard scan attempts I was able to patch together something to start with, and eventually come up with a workable pattern some 12 hours later.  Even then it wasn't close to complete, so a good bit of this involved winging it, including the addition of the flames coming out of Mickey's fingers and going across the pattern.  I also added Mickey's broom guy helper on this 84 pound pumpkin.

I would have to put this pumpkin right up with my Dark Dsurion from 2006 as one of my best carvings.




Full 360 Degree Death Star on a 186 pound pumpkin

The Death Star has long become my most popular pumpkin (try doing a search on google for "Death Star Pumpkin" to see a massive sampling of why). Believe it or not, my last two Death Stars were rush jobs.  I pretty much had only a fraction of the time I wanted to in making these before the kids arrived.  This time I did it a few days early, and ended up spending 15 hours on this 186 pound, 360 degree behemoth.

I also added landing bays into the Death Star.  If you want to carve this yourself, go to the Carving the Death Star tutorial.



Fantasy Pumpkins

Molly Harrison's Autumn Red:

I contacted Molly about making a carving out of her Autumn Red.  This was probably my most complicated pumpkin this year, due to the hair, the leggings and the wings of course. Molly Harrison, the artist, asked that nobody use this for commercial purposes.

Pumpkin Photo Pattern Mockup Pumpkin Pattern


The latest Eragon book, Brisingr has a wonderful dragon on the cover,  done by John Jude Palencar, who also did the previous two covers.  This pattern took me about 8 hours to create, and another 12 to carve.

Pumpkin Photo Pattern Mockup Pumpkin Pattern  

Eastern Dragon

I originally planned on doing my Robby the Robot pattern on this 89 pound pumpkin, but ran out of time.  So instead, I went back to my Eastern Dragon from 2003-2004.  I think it worked out well.

Pumpkin Photo Daytime Pattern Mockup Pumpkin Pattern


Here's my castle pumpkin for the year, from Lord of the Rings, Barad-dr, or the Dark Tower which houses the Eye of Sauron.  I started it out from a sketching I found online, but I ended up modifying this a lot.  I never really did get a final pattern to work with.



Gandalf from the Mines of Moria made for a great cut-through pattern.

Wizard and Dragon Familiar

My nephew, Joseph, got into the pumpkin carving act this year.  This is his third pumpkin carving ever! Truly great stuff for that.



The Robots

Wall-E & Eve

Wall-E was one of the really terrific movies this past year.  I did patterns for both (but can't share 'cause they're Disney).  I carved Eve, while my wife Nam did Wall-E. Everyone loved these.

Iron Giant

This wonderful anime makes a terrific cut-through pumpkin.  I just love the shadows on this picture. Carved by my wife, Nam.  Iron Giant got far more luvin than I thought he would.  Many know and love him.





The Super Heroes and Villains

Joker - Why So Serious?

My nephew, Joseph, carved a wonderful Joker pumpkin. Many found this to be their favorite.


Silver Surfer

Joseph also carved a cut-through of the Silver-Surfer. He looked great in different colors.


My wife, Nam, carved Batman nemesis, Harley-Quinn


Hell Boy

My sister-in-law, Teresa, also got into the act. Here's her first and only carving, Hellboy.



Indiana Jones

I took a stab at an Indiana Jones shadow pumpkin.  This really went over well.




The Row of Evil

Demon Skull

My son, Justin, has really started to come into his own with pumpkin carving.  He did a really cool Demon Skull pattern.


Diable II

Justin also carved the game cover, Diablo II.  I did the original Brom painting last year.



Justin also whipped out a quick Spawn pumpkin from a fairly shoddy pattern on my part.


Vampire Wars - Bane

My nephew Joseph also carved Bane from the graphic novel, Vampire Wars.



Forbidden Planet Monster

My wife Nam did a nice version of my Forbidden Planet monster.  This is where he tries to break through the electric fence.


Pirates of the Carribean

You always need a pirate pumpkin.  This year, Nam carved a nice Skull & Crossbones pattern from a guy named Sage.




The Kids Area


Pinocchio made for a really nice carve.  A wonderful carver on the carving pumpkins board had done this previously, and I thought I'd take a shot at it myself.


Harry Potter, turned into a Cat

If Harry Potter was a cat, perhaps this is how he'd look.  This one got lots of ooohhs and aaaahs and a few favorite votes.



We meant to carve this last year but ran out of time.  Nam did a great carving of Dumbo.


Sponge Bob & Patrick

This is my nephew Joseph's first carving. Sponge Bob is always one of the top pumpkins, and this year was no different.  Joseph did a great job.



This was my son Justin's first carve of the year.





Sarah's Carvings

Harry Plopper

Sarah's carving of Harry Plopper was definitely a hit.  Lots of kids loved him.


Ghost in a Bag

This was Sarah's first carve.  Not the scariest looking ghost, ey?



I didn't get a picture of this one until Halloween night.  Unfortunately, the pumpkin started rotting earlier than that, so we ended up freezing it.  The effect was pretty neat though.





Obama Hope

Using the famous pop art poster, Obama Hope, I made a pumpkin pattern from it.  This really came out well.  I ended up giving this to the local Obama office.  Folks there LOVED it, and many pictures were taken.
Pumpkin Photo Pumpkin Photo Mockup Pattern


The Overall Display

Here's a few shots of the overall display - 35 pumpkins in all.

The crowds were overwhelming.  During peak times we were averaging somewhere between a constant 40-70 folks.  It was so bad that when one of my wife's work associates came, it took me a while to find her - in my own front yard!

The shot in the upper right was a display we made for the Fox 5 News crew to get a night shot of the pumpkins prior to our interview.

Creative Commons License Pumpkin carving patterns by Noel Dickover is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.