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Fantasy Pumpkins Pinterest Page 2012

My regular pages do not allow you to "pin" the larger images since I link thumbnails directly to jpgs. This made sense in 2000, but I guess not so much now. Use this page to pin photos.

Angry Birds | Fantasy | SciFi | Superheroes | Horror | Children

Angry Birds

Angry Bat Bird (Noel)





Shelob vs Samwise (Noel)

Bridge Troll from Snow White & the Snowman (Noel)


Daenerys Targaryen (Noel)

Lost Friends (Sarah)



Natsu Fairytail (Sarah)


Starwolf (Sarah)


Ossouni (Sarah)

Mashimaro (Sarah)



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Tron (Noel)



Star Wars Battle Scene - Left Side (Noel)


Star Wars Battle Scene - Middle (Noel)


Star Wars Battle Scene - Right Side (Noel)


'Alien' Movie Sculpt (Noel)


Alien Sculpt (Noel)


DeathStar Frankenpumpkin - Day (Noel)


DeathStar Frankenpumpkin (Noel)


C3PO (Sarah)


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Avengers (Joseph)


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer (Justin)


Foxfire (Justin)

Green Goblin (Justin)


Bane (Justin)


Lee Min Ho (Nam)

Bleach (Sarah)

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Zombie Awakening (Noel)


Kiss (Noel)

Pirate Skeleton (Justin)


Zombie Thor (Justin)



Dead Man's Hand (Justin)



Ghoulfriend (Justin)



Dark Shadows (Noel)


Skeleton Warrior (Joseph)


T-Rex (Joseph)


Trollface (Justin)


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Brave (Noel)


Frankensmurf (Nam)


Lorax (Nam)


Mickey Skeleton (Nam)


Thomas the Tank Engine (Nam)


Sully (Sarah)



Growlithe (Sarah)


Sandy the Squirrel (Sarah)


Scrat (Noel)


Piglit (Teresa)


Krusty the Clown (Stephen)


Sonic the Hedgehog (Will)


Zoiberg (Joseph)



Alex (Angela)


Gloria (Angela)


Marty (Angela)


Murray (Noel)


Dori (Jackie)



Pumpkin Stack (Joanne)



Garfield (Joseph)


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