Noel's 2005 pumpkins

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Here are my pumpkins from 2005. Overall, the display was a smashing success.  Everyone loved it, and we got lots of traffic.  To access the pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.

First, the movie pumpkins

Corpse Bride is a great movie, and ended up being a very fun pumpkin.  Recent movies usually work well for pumpkins.  Halloween movies definitely work.  
Ash from Evil Dead was FAR more difficult than I thought it would be.  Only one person knew who he was, but a lot of folks on the movie discussion sites I frequent loved him.
Lady and the Tramp  was a major hit with mothers and teen girls.  Mothers especially turned into little girls and endlessly gushed at this.   
A fellow pumpkin carver in Texas (named AggieLisa on the forum) made this most wonderful Pirates of the Caribbean pattern.  
Batman Begins is another recent movie.  I made this pattern at the last second.  I don't know why I was worried if people would recognize him or not, but he was a true hit!

Fantasy patterns

Eragon is another pattern created this year by AggieLisa.  I was surprised at how many teenagers knew him.
I did the Cheshire Cat pattern after Halloween last year, and got one person to do it so far.  He was REALLY difficult but went over wonderfully. Also, I took a flash picture that ended up far weirder than I intended.
Wyland's First Breath was maybe my favorite carving this year.  Unfortunately he didn't go over as well as I thought he would.  From afar people thought he was a wolf, howling in the night.

My first pumpkin sculpting!

This was my first attempt at a pumpkin sculpting, where I used the pumpkin itself as the object to be carved.  Normally I use the pumpkin almost as a canvas.  I was amazed how different this type of carving was. Virtually none of my skills transferred.
I stuck this multi-colored light inside which went over really well.  Also, I used pumpkin rind carvings as tongue pieces.  These felt like a real tongue - cold, wet and clammy!

Bee (Rain)

Nam is REALLY into this Korean actor/singer/dancer guy named Bee.  This is a carving she did from his latest drama series.
Here's the full pumpkin.  

Justin and Sarah's pumpkins

Justin decided to do a Family Guy pumpkin.  This was a good decision I suppose, as most of his friends decided this was their favorite pumpkin.  
Sarah and her friend Dasom both did ghost pumpkins.  She did a pretty good job I think!  

The Overall Display

Here's a shot of the overall display - 13 pumpkins in all.  In addition to the ones above, we also had Sponge Bob and Scooby, both carved to fake pumpkins.

Creative Commons License Pumpkin carving patterns by Noel Dickover is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.