Noel's 2009 pumpkins

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2009 was not a good year for display: In addition to losing 5 carved pumpkins due to heat, and then worse than that, Halloween eve had pouring, cold rain. That said, I really liked the pumpkins that were carved.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns: I made patterns for many (but not all) of the pumpkins I carved.  For those other than Disney Patterns, I have posted them below with the picture.  Feel free to use these for your pumpkin carving.  As long as you aren't using them for mass production, I have no problem with you using the pattern to sell the pumpkins.  But if you do use the patterns to sell pumpkins on Ebay or another website, please give me credit for the pattern, along with a link here. Because Disney sues people who put their pumpkin patterns online, I can't post the Disney patterns I created here.

To bring up the large pictures, just click on the thumbnail and then use the "back" button to return.



Where the Wild Things Are - 360 Degree Pumpkin!

I decided to try a 360 degree "Where the Wild Things Are" pumpkin.
Here's a series of 6 pictures of it. This thing took me forever - first on the pattern, then the carving. I finally gave up on finalizing the pattern - you can see the one I used here, but clearly I made many changes. I finally decided to use this to experiment with various types of textures. So most of the details of the monsters I ended up just free-handing, as I did with making the trees, leaves, etc.

I will say that pumpkin was a nightmare from the get-go. Forget about the insane problems of doing a pattern all the way around the pumpkin, or carving it without smudging any of the pattern anywhere - the pumpkin itself was as hard as wood in some places and completely soft in others!

TheYoutube video is a bit dark, but it shows you what the pumpkin looks like as its fully turned.

Where the Wild Things Are 1

Where the Wild Things Are 4

Where the Wild Things Are 2

Where the Wild Things Are 5

Where the Wild Things Are 3

Where the Wild Things Are 6


Fantasy Pumpkins

Anne Stokes' Forest Walk Dragon:

I contacted Anne Stokes about carving her most awesome Forest Walk Dragon into a pumpkin. Two years ago, I carved her Aracnoid painting to great results. Not only did she agree to give me a larger image to make the pattern from, she gave me a signed print for sending her the picture you see to the right! This was done on a 80lb pumpkin, and took about 16 hours to carve and close to that long to make the pattern.

Anne Stokes' Forest Walk Dragon Mockup Pattern
Pumpkin Photo Pattern Mockup Pumpkin Pattern

Jack Skellington

I did a very scary pumpkin of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is fairly thin, so keeping his body thick backwards is critical. My son did a really good job of Brad's Jack pattern (second picture).

Pumpkin Photo Pumpkin Photo Pattern Mockup Pumpkin Pattern


I really enjoyed the movie, Coraline, and thought the movie poster would make a good carving. You can see a close-up of the Coraline label with the cat text also if interested

Also, Oogly-Boogly from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pumpkin Photo Pattern Mockup Pumpkin Pattern Pumpkin Photo


A nice Gollum cut-through & a nice Gandalf cut-through pattern.


My nephew, Joseph, did Marc VanderPal's most excellent Mountainside Manor pattern. It came out pretty well I think.


DeathStar Pumpkins & Science Fiction

I hadn't planned on doing another Death Star, but I got contacted by Jimmy Kimmel Live folks to a segment with this. They eventually cancelled, but I still had a 148lb pumpkin, so...

I carved a watermelon a few months back (Mayish?) at an event called "FooCamp". I carved this around a bon-fire from like 10:00pm till 2:00am in the morning California time. For a light, all I had was campfire, and my tool selection consisted of a single V-wedge. All things considering it came out fairly well.

here's a I carved "Mini-Me" DeathStar for a Charity event in VA (Joe Gibbs' Youth for Tomorrow Country Fair). I spent most of the day teaching folks how to carve pumpkins, but did get in this one and a Sponge Bob.  If you want to carve this yourself, go to the Carving the Death Star tutorial.

New Star Trek Enterprise

I really liked the Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie. This was finished right before "Show Time" and was carved on an 80lb pumpkin.

Alien Egg (Face Hugger)

This is a sculpt of the Face Hugger from Alien when it is still in the egg. It was a fairly hard sculpt for me, but I think it came off fairly well. I used two drawings from Giger (bottom right) to figure out what the Face Hugger inside egg looked like.

I decided it was probably a good idea to carve the word, "Alien" on the side of the pumpkin, just in case most didn't get this. Many didn't, but all thought it was creepy!




The Monsters

World of Warcraft Orc Sculpt

I had a fun time carving a sculpt of a World of Warcraft Orc Grunt. His teeth were especially fun. Unfortunately, I'm so slow on my carving of these that by the end the pumpkin started getting VERY stringy. Still, I think it turned out OK.

Diablo III Werewolf

My son, Justin carved a werewolf from Diablo III.

Skull Sculpt

My Nephew carved a really cool skull sculpt, which unfortunately he took to an event at George Mason and left it melted in the heat...

Anne Stokes' Beast Within
& Flaming Skull

My son, Justin carved the Beast Within. Turned out great! He also tried Brad's Flaming Skull pattern.


9 Movie

My nephew carved the poster from the movie, 9. I really liked the movie (was a cool scifi anime), and thought this poster would work out well.



The Comic Book Characters


My nephew, Joseph did a pretty good job on this really difficult Spiderman cut-through. Unfortunately, the pumpkin was stringly, so it made things hard.



My son's friend, Kendall, carved her first pumpkin, based on JP's Batman pattern.


Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer is definitely my favorite Catwoman. I think this pattern, modified from one of St0ney's came out fairly well..


My son started this, the wifey finished it.





The Kids Area

Tinkerbell & Croc

I did a pretty fun Tinkerbell-Croc pumpkin using Saeco's Tink pattern, plus a Crocodile pattern I threw together.


Snow White Bites the Apple

This is from Sariel's most excellent Snow White Bite the Apple pattern. I just love this pumpkin.


Tom & Jerry

My daughter carved a great Tom & Jerry.

Bob the Blob

Sarah's first Bob the Blob from Monsters and Aliens died in the heat, so my wife, Nam, did a second one.

Green Eggs & Ham, & Gothfairy

My daughter, Sarah did both Brad's Green Eggs and Ham pattern, and a really cool Gothfairy pattern by Sariel.


Mickey Pirate, UP, Cat In the Hat

I love the way my wife's Mickey Pirate came out! She also did UP and a wonderful Cat in the Hat.

Sponge Bob, Scooby & Elmo

Sponge Bob and Scooby are both MUST CARVES, as the little kids just love them. Elmo, while not quite at that level is close.

Helly Kitty, Ginea Pig, & Barney

My daughter did a bunch more here - Hello Kitty, Barney and the Ginea Pig guy from that really aweful kids movie.

Hand Cut Butterly

My nephew, Joseph, did a great hand-cut butterfly. He pretty much winged it.



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